Cosmetic Packaging
Plastic processing

Our products


Our company product offer include:

  • compacts,
  • lipsticks,
  • mascaras,
  • eye-liner,
  • lip-gloss,
  • pencils,
  • pots,
  • containers.

Our offer


Within the framework of our services we can offer you various sorts of cosmetic packaging and a wide range of additional services.

Additional services:

We decorate surfaces of variously shaped and structurally diversified packaging. To overprint we use hot stamping, pad printing and UV screen printing. We are able to make an extremely rare decoration of square shapes by hot stamping without gaps on packaging corners.

An additional option of packaging decorating covers the possibility of their metallizing and lacquering.

The packaging we manufacture may be additionally coated with a colourless or coloured lacquer. Lacquering is to intensify the colour of packaging surface or to change the colour completely.

Within the framework of lacquering we may also offer soft-touch lacquer coating of the surface. After its use the surface of a detail seems to be coated with a delicate layer of rubber.